Sparkles Labelle was a notorious jewel thief who was active during the 1940s. In 1947, she and her gang laid low after their most recent robbery, with Sparkles taking on a job as maid for the wealthy Mrs. Monitawks. When Monitawks intended to go to the Lee School costumed pageant with he priceless diamond necklace. Deciding to steal it, Sparkles organized her gang to rob it. With Captain America and Bucky as guests of honour, Labelle had her gang light a fire backstage during a costume contest in order to create sufficient distraction to steal the necklace. However, the opportunity passed when Mrs. Monitawks fell off the stage and had Bucky and Betsy Ross rush to her aid.

With Mrs. Monitawks later recuperation in a room guarded by Captain America and Bucky, Sparkles knocked out Betsy and stole her costume, using it to easily slip past the two heroes, cold-cock Monitawks and steal the necklace. Still posing as Betsy, Sparkles then alerted Cap and Bucky to the theft and fled with her gang with Betsy as their prisoner. Cap and Bucky managed to follow Sparkles back to her hideout, but they were overpowered and tied up along with Betsy. Labelle then left with the rest of her gang to rob Monitawks of more of her wealth. When Cap, Bucky and Betsy freed themselves and stormed in on the Monitawks residence, Sparkles threatened Monitawks to pretend the theft never happened, to get them to leave. Suspecting a ruse, Cap and the others returned shortly after and clashed with Labelle's gang. As Cap and Bucky made short work of Labell's gang, Sparkles attempted to flee the scene but was tripped by Betsy Ross.

Sparkles Labelle and her gang were then turned over to the police, her subsequent fate is unknown.


Sparkles carried a gun.

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