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Space Rangers (Earth-4096)

In the future year of 2300 AD of Earth-4096, space travel between Earth and other planets has become a modern convenience and as such subject to criminal activity. In order to combat this, the Space Rangers were formed to defend the space-ways from lawlessness.

Not much else is known about this agency, or the exact extent of its operations. Recorded history has followed only three specific members of the Space Rangers. Commissioner Arnold Williams and Captains Bob Raleigh and Bartin "Nibbs" Culp. Williams would dispatch Raleigh and Nibbs on two separate missions.

The first was to investigate a series of merchant ships that had been robbed of Plinium. This would take the two Space Rangers to a meteor near Mercury, where they battled the mastermind behind the plot: the space thief known as Blackhawk. With the aid of Blackhawk's own daughter, the Space Rangers would thwart Blackhawk's plot, ending in Blackhawk's death[1]. For their next assignment, Bob and Nibbs were sent to investigate the theft of new experimental rockets, by posing as the pilots of one. They would be captured by Carl Formes of the planet Glakor. In the ensuing battle, Formes locked himself in a safe room and refused to leave, prompting the Space Rangers to set off the planet's explosives, destroying the planet[2].

Further missions of the Space Rangers are as yet unrecorded.


Transportation: The Space Rangers travel space via interplanetary rockets.
Weapons: It does not appear that the Space Rangers are armed with any personal weapons, but instead rely on the ray guns that are on their space ships.

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