Not much is known about the creature that was dubbed the "Space Monster", it was a tentacled creature that lived within an asteroid that was adrift in space. The creature had aspirations for conquering worlds, but why or how it ended up in its predicament are unknown.

By 1949, scientists Professor Lowe, Felix Vandal, and Roger Reed began developing a "Magnet-Machine" that would allow them to pull objects from space down to Earth. They were also assisted by Professor Lowe's daughter Inez and the heroine known as Sun Girl. While looking through a telescope, Felix discovered the Space Monster and believed it to be a mere meteor and used the Magnet-Machine to pull it to Earth. However, while viewing it through the telescope, Felix was bombarded with the creatures mental energy, making him its loyal slave.

When the Space Monster finally arrived on Earth, it revealed that it was a living creature and knocked out Sun Girl. Felix then attempted to take Roger hostage, but when Inez and her father arrived, Roger attempted to warn them and was shot dead. Furious that her boyfriend was murdered, Inez activated the Magnet-Machine to send the Space Monster back into space, then trashed the equipment. As the creature was pulled back out into space it wrapped Felix in its tentacle. Sun Girl, not wishing to see a man be murdered, attempted to stop the machine but found Inez blocking her way with a gun. Sun Girl knocked the girl aside but found that the machine's controls were destroyed.

The Space Monster was last seen being hurtled into space with Felix a prisoner inside its asteroid protection.[1] The fate of the Space Monster and Felix are unknown.


The Space Monster has two long tentacles with pincers on the end. It also exhibited the ability to enthrall a human mind, but the actual specifics of this ability and the limitations thereof are unknown.


The Space Monster was encased in a massive asteroid that kept it's body protected from the riggers of outer space. It apparently also created a self contained oxygen based atmosphere.

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