In the dystopian world of “Days of Future Past”, people are positioned a caste system ranging from 3 classes: “H” for base line humans, “A” for anomalous humans, and “M” for mutants. Mutants are considered outcasts due to the “Mutant Registration Act” that has past in this world. They are detained in the South Bronx Mutant Internment Center and designated with a number and inhibitor collar that neutralizes their powers.

The facility is guarded by sentinels and two Alpha 3 sentinels are placed on the front gate for routine security examinations. Mutants contained in this facility all have a curfew, and they are only allowed to leave the center for health supplies and ‘official sentinel business’. Walking into the fenced off area, there is a cemetery that lines the path for people who enter. Fresh graves of mutant casualties are lined in rows, with well known super-heroes named on the gravestones. The facility, like most of New York, is a littered and derelict portion of the old city. Minimal supplies are given to the detainees and Sentinels are scattered around patrolling the area.


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