The Soothsayer was a mystic who lived in Atlantis in the year 50,000 BC. When Princess Eve was ousted by her wicked uncle, the Soothsayer became his most trusted advisor. Using his crystal ball to keep an eye on those that would disrupt the evil tyrant's rule, the Soothsayer would warn his king of the coming of Princess Eve along with pre-historic adventurers Tuk and his Cro-Magnon companion Tanir. Despite the evil king's attempts to bar them from Atlantis, they would sneak in. Although the Soothsayer would be able to track them with his crystal ball, they would not be able to stop the Atlantean armies from siding with their true queen and disposing the evil tyrant from his stolen position of power. The Soothsayers fate remains unrevealed, but presumably he was punished along with the evil king.


The Soothsayer is possibly a mystic, however if he required any magical skill to operate his crystal ball has yet to be substantiated.


The Soothsayer had a crystal ball that could project the image of people or locations nearby.

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