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Not much is known about the Solons, they are a race of aliens that reproduce through fission, making each member of their race look identical. The only differentiation between others is based on gender. A group of Solons were sent on an exploratory mission of space and crash landed on Earth. One of their crew, known as Solon Stabilizer exited the ship to look for supplies to repair their ship. Intoxicated by the oxygen rich atmosphere, Solon was manipulated into committing a series of robberies by a gang of homeless men. Solon's involvement attracted the attention of the Fantastic Four's Mister Fantastic and Invisible Girl. Eventually realizing what was wrong, the pair managed to cut off enough oxygen for Solon to return to normal and explain her situation. They then assisted in helping Solon Stabilizer and her people return to the stars. [1]

Powers and Abilities




None known.

Average Strength level



They become "intoxicated" in oxygen-rich atmosphere's, such as Earth's


Habitat: 76% of surface by water, and mostly temperate
Gravity: 94% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 80% nitrogen, 15% oxygen
Population: 3.8 billion


Type of Government: Planet-wide democracy
Level of Technology: Moderately advanced with warp driven starships
Cultural Traits: Friendly, exploratory
Representatives: Solon Stabilizer


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