Sofia Strange is the daughter of Doctor Strange and Clea and had been kept hidden by her mother from both her father and any dark forces that would attempt to harm her.[1]

Sofia lived in New Orleans with her nanny, Aunt Vesper. One day, she attempted to unravel the case of a missing girl and a ghost named The Whisperer.[2]


Sorcery: The ability to tap this universe's infinite store of ambient magical energy and manipulate these to a variety of effects. A skill derived from three major sources: personal powers of the mind/soul/body, powers gained by tapping the universe's ambient magical energy and employing it for specific effects and finally, powers gained through the tapping of extra-dimensional energy by invoking entities or objects of power existing in mystical dimensions tangential to her own. The latter means of power is usually gained by the recitation of incantations. Sofia has demonstrated transmutation, levitation, erasing a person's memories, and communication with the dead.[2]


Spells and Phrases: Sofia has demonstrated knowledge in mystical spells and incantations invoking names and aspects of various extra-dimensional objects and beings of power. Through these incantations she is able to call upon these extra-dimensional power sources for very specific effects without taxing her personal abilities.[2]

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