The man who was nicknamed "Snowball" earned this name due to his love of the cold, and his utter detestation of heat. This obsession first started on January 2, 1877 when Snowball -- still a young boy -- went out to play in the snow without the proper attire, leading to a swift punishment from his mother.

At 47 years old, Snowball had gotten a job as an ice delivery man, and was fired on June 15, 1927, when on a hot summer day he cooled off by sitting on a block of ice that a customer had ordered. He was fired from his second job, as a waiter, on November 27, 1941 for spending too much time in the cold room. As he was fired, he vowed to get revenge. His next job was as a bank teller, but he was fired on July 3, 1943 after the air conditioner broke down and Snowball began stripping off all his clothing in an effort to keep cool. Once again, he threatened to get back at his employers. By September 9, 1944, Snowball began working his dream job: Creating snow machines on the set of a Hollywood film studio. However, when he saw that the Human Torch and Toro were assisting with a film production. Furious of their fire based powers, Snowball attacked them by dousing their flames and ruining the shot. Snowball was then fired from his job. As he left the set, he vowed to get revenge, prompting the Torch to take an interest in his employment history.

Finally having had enough, Snowball then began his revenge mission. On October 2, 1944 he forced his former employer at the ice company to provide the combination to the company safe, then left the man tied to a chair with a block of dry ice on his bare feet. On November 5 of that year, he trapped the head waiter who fired him in the cold room and gunned him down. Then on May 16, 1945, Snowball disguised himself as an organ grinder and entered the bank that he used to work in. Using a freezing device hidden in his organ grinder to kill everyone inside, Snowball began stealing money when the Torch and Toro arrived to stop him. However, Snowball managed to escape in his getaway car by dousing the two heroes with a flame retarding spray.

The following day, Snowball kidnapped star ice skater Tina Svenka to hold for ransom and lure the Torch and Toro into a trap. When the two heroes arrived he doused them with water that quickly began to freeze in the refrigerated hideout. Before they could freeze up, the Torch and Toro then trained heat projectors on Snowball causing him to surrender to them. After knocking Snowball out, the Torch and Toro turned him over to the authorities. Snowball was then sentenced to death for his murders and was executed on the electric chair. The irony being that a man who loved cold so much was being executed on the electric chair, which was commonly referred to as the "hot seat."


Snowball seemed highly resistant, and appeared to thrive, in the cold. Being in freezing cold, and being in contact with snow and ice for extended periods of time appear to have no ill effect on him.


Alternatively, Snowball has an aversion to heat, which causes him to sweat even in room temperature.


Snowball developed a freezing machine which was able to drop the temperature of a large bank to the point where it killed it's occupants. He also used dry ice and guns as weapons.

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