The Smoke Elves are a race of Svartalfheim. At least some of them had a hatred towards the Dwarves[3] and worshiped the Serpent.[2]

Fear Itself

During the Fear, a couple of Smoke Elves assassins,[1] worshipers of the Serpent manipulated Tooth (a Dwarf of Nidavellir holding a grudge against Tony Stark while he was in the Workshops of Svartalfheim crafting weapons to oppose the Serpent), into giving them a sample of Stark's DNA, fashioning a Golem out of mud and sending him to kill Stark.[3]

The attack was foiled by Splitlip (the ruler of the workshops) and his brethren, and the Smoke Elves assassins were found by the Dwarves, then killed.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Smoke Bodies: The Smoke Elves are seemingly made of smoke, and could control that smoke to asphyxiate someone, such as Tooth.[3]
  • Golem Animation: The Smoke Elves proved able to create a golem able to track an individual whose DNA was incorporated to it,[3] and to drain that target, fashioning itself after it.[1] The golem was also able to morph into a fluid being.[3]

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