Fifteen thousand years ago, Slorioth The Omnivorous ravaged the earthly plane. A cabal of ancient sorcerers bound Slorioth, body and soul, to the land that is today the Township of Starksboro.

In an attempt to save a dying Jillian Woods, Anthony Druid bargained with Slorioth to save her in exchange of his soul. In time, this bargain would allow Slorioth to take Druid as his vassal and free him, so that he may walk the earth again.

Once The Vishanti have been alerted to the threat of Slorioth to Earth, they summoned The Living Tribunal. The Tribunal ruled, "...At this juncture... he must content himself with other vistas for the nonce!" It was then that Slorioth was removed from Earth.

Power Grid [5]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


Virtual immortality[3]


  • Temple on Earth: A pan-dimensional gateway in Starksboro, Maine leads to his nether-realm tabernacle.
  • Vassal: Anthony Druid
  • Idol: The Bride of Slorioth (statuette)

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