Slorenia, officially known as the Republic of Slorenia, is a country located in the north-east of Europe. It is bordered by Latvia, Lithuania and Ksavia. It's capital city is Tblunka.[1]

9,000 BC

The first humans began to live in Slorenia.

4,000 BC

The ancestors of the Dudake, a finnic people, settled down in this country.

2,000 BC

The ancestors of the Slorene people, the proto-Balts, migrated into the region. The relationship of the two tribes were good at the beginning, till the Slorenes began to hunt Dudakes off their best farming lands after a few hundred years.

1,200 BC


Modern Age

Slorenia was at one point controlled by the USSR. When the Soviet Union dissolved at the end of the Cold War, Slorenia gained its independence.

Ruled by the Tabissara (ten elected officials and Volkhvy), the country was torn by racial warfare between the Dudake and Slorene peoples.[2][3]

Slorenia was later invaded by Alkhema and Ultron who slaughtered all its residents. The country was freed through the actions of the Avengers.[4]

Bloodwraith later absorbed all the souls of those slaughtered and grew to giant proportions. Fueled by the anger of those slaughtered, Bloodwraith began to slaughter aid workers and SHIELD agents. Bloodwraith was mystically sealed within the country and the country was cordoned off.[5]

Endless Wartime

Rebuilding, Slorenia returned to its old style of governance, with the Slorene majority cruelly suppressing the Dudaks based on archaic religious laws. A foreign effort to change the regime to something more benign (which Iron Man supported both personally and ideologically), was unsuccessful, and the country became a warzone, with local fanatics backed by Tabissara-hired mercenaries on one side, and the Hereward Corporation, a Sweden-based, British-founded UAV manufacturer, on the other.[6]

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