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Sligguth is a powerful demon from ancient, pre-cataclysmic times, who was still active in the town of Starksboro, Massachusetts. He appeared to answer to the High Priestess of Shuma-Gorath. When Doctor Strange was captured in the church at Starksboro, Sligguth was about to kill him when Strange was able to break free from his bonds. Sligguth released a fungus which weakened Strange but the sorcerer retaliated with a desperate spell that drove the demon back into its labyrinth to regain its strength.

Strange followed the demon down to its lair and called upon the Vishanti, who appeared before him for the first time. They offered very little aid to the sorcerer. Still, Strange was able to harm the demon enough to cause it to retreat into the open waters.

Strange, after fending off the High Priestess, fled the water-filled cavern through the same opening and came face-to-face with Sligguth again. After reaching the surface for a gasp of air, Strange was pulled down by the demon, who began to beat him senseless, however, the unholy symbol of Sligguth happened to be floating by and Strange was able to strike the demon with the wooden symbol, knocking the demon unconscious.

Strange then squeezed the gills of Sligguth, killing the demon.


Curses of the Fiends of Fungol Thopa, which is either a spell of a natural ability to cover a target with fungus capable of draining the life-force from an organic being. Sligguth also displayed some magical ability but it preferred to use its claws and teeth in combat. Sligguth was amphibious and could breathe air or water.

Strength level

According to Doctor Strange, he has the strength of a thousand demons, but he was likely in the class 1,500 range as Strange was hit by the demon but remained conscious and able to fight back.


none known

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