Slaveland was a European country that was ruled by a dictator calling himself Adolph Hiccup. In 1940 when Hiccup learned of the Human Torch's new sidekick Toro, he and his ally Benny Mousilin plotted to trick the boy into using his powers to assist in the manufacturing of weapons for their war effort. To this end, they had two of their citizens posed as Toro's parents who had died tragically in a train wreck years earlier. Toro bought the scheme and left with his "parents" back to Slaveland where he was manipulated into helping build arms.

Suspecting that something was suspicious, the Human Torch flew to Slaveland where he exposed the truth to Toro and rescued the boy. The pair then delivers Hiccup and Mousilin a humiliating defeat and destroyed the majority of their arms before returning to the United States.[1]


It is likely that "Slaveland" was intended to be a parody of Nazi Germany given the resemblance of the dictator to Adolf Hitler and his ally to Benito Mussolini. The names were likely changed for artistic license by the stories creative team.

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