As punishment for accidentally killing a giant, the Warriors Three had to complete several nearly impossible tasks involving other pantheons. Thor volunteers to accompany them, but is forbidden from using Mjolnir during their journey. One of these tasks was to claim Slaughter in Ireland. They were tricked by Froud (a Celtic creature, possibly a troll) into taking both the spear and what appeared to be a human child. The child was actually a disguised Chulain, the Celtic warrior-god to whom the spear belonged, who savagely attacked them. The skin of Dionysus's pig was able to calm the spear while apples from Yggdrasil cured fatal injuries to Thor and Volstagg.

After the quest was fulfilled, the spear was returned to Ireland.

Slaughter was kept in a pot of boiling blood to satisfy its hunger.


Slaughter is the Gae Bolg in mythology, although it also has the bloodthirsty traits of Luin.


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