Test pilot Skyler Wolf was brought to a meeting with Matt Slade Jr. on the submarine Lobo II along with Jesse Johns and Sidney Levine. Slade asked the trio to go into occupied Poland in order to rescue his son, Matt Slade III, who had been test piloting a new experimental aircraft. After three days of training with the new experimental aircraft the trio set off for Poland to rescue Slade. The men learned that Slade was being held in a secret Nazi base called Murder Mountain, here they defeated the Steel Kommando and freed Slade from his cell, fighting their way out of the mountain.

When they returned to the Lobo II, Sky Wolf exposed Gretchyn Skul to be a Nazi spy, her father being General Skul. Skyler and the rest of the Sky-Wolves returned to Murder Mountain and subsequently destroyed it. After the mission was complete, Skyler and the rest of the Sky Wolves decided to remain together as a team in order to fight the Nazis. His post-war activities have yet to be revealed.




Skyler Wolf was a natural leader and one of the best test pilots in the United States. He was able to fly any kind of aircraft and specially trained in the use of the XF5U-2 Flapjacks. He was also a fair hand-to-hand combatant and trained in the use of firearms.


Lobo II


XF5U-2 Flapjack, pistol, machine gun

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