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The Skrulls are a race of green-skinned, humanoid shapeshifters from the Andromeda Galaxy. They are a fierce warrior race who carved for themselves the oldest interstellar empire in the universe's history. Skrull science is generally at a higher level than the science of human civilization. The Skrulls were ruled by an Emperor or Empress, who had absolute power.[5]

The ancestors of the Skrulls were allegedly created by the Xorrians (along with all humanoid life-forms, such as Kree and Humans) from their own DNA.[11][1] These Skrull ancestors resided on Skrullos, a planet in the Drox system.

Almost a billion years ago the Celestials arrived and experimented on the Skrulls' reptilian ancestors. As the Celestials did with humans, they split the species into three branches: the "normal/latent/prime" branch who were capable of eventually rapidly evolving into Celestial-like beings, the shape-shifting Deviant branch, and the immortal Eternal branch. As in the case with humans, the Deviant and Eternal branches went to war. Unlike the case with humans, however, the Deviant branch wiped out all other Skrulls, thus all modern Skrulls were descendants of the Deviant branch. The Skrulls later (or earlier) split into two more groups, being the modern Skrulls and the Dire Wraiths, a parasitic race that could still shape-shift and had use of magic, but were not as technologically advanced as the Skrulls. Dire Wraith's are analogous to the Skrulls as vampires are to humans.[12]

At some point, the Skrulls became genetically frozen in place, unable to evolve further, as punishment for a single Skrull abusing the power of the Crystal of Ultimate Vision, located within the Citadel of Light and Shadow.[13]



The Skrulls are oviparous.[2] Skrull females do not give live birth; instead, they lay eggs like their reptilian evolutionary ancestors. Skrull children are known as "hatchlings". Despite their reptilian evolutionary roots, however, Skrulls have hair and the females have mammary glands and nurse their young.[5]


Skrulls are capable of producing hybrid offspring with humans and Kree.[2]

On Earth-9997, it was revealed that Thanos was a hybrid of Eternals and Skrulls, as his mother Sui-San was in fact a Skrull.[14]

Diseases and Genetic Conditions

Shape-Shifting Deficiency

An uncommon birth defect in Skrulls is being born without the ability to shape-shift. Skrulls afflicted with this abnormality include Raze,[15][16] Titannus,[17] and Talos the Tamed.[18][19]

That genetic defect can also grant upper strength and endurance to some of those afflicted, including Talos the Tamed.[19]


The Skrull prince Klundirk was diagnosed with cancer.[20]


On Earth-829, Skyppi contracted a form of tuberculosis common to the Skrull species.[21]

Evolution and Mutation

The Skrulls are evolutionarily stagnant. They can not evolve naturally and can only move forward genetically through artificial means.[22]

Despite this, mutants (a.k.a K-class deviants) have been observed, particularly on Carpiax-IV, where Lord Merek's fecundity-supplement program resulted a higher number of K-class births. It was common to cull Skrull mutants in the interest of genetic purity. One group of Skrull mutants, Cadre K, was rescued and trained by Professor X.[23]

Alternate Realities

The Skrulls are present in many realities, with more or less important variations in their history, appearances, and biology.

Powers and Abilities


Deviant Skrulls from Young Avengers Vol 1 11 001

Skrulls using their shape-shifting to fly

  • Shapeshifting: Skrulls are able to alter their forms into that of anything they can imagine, be it organic or inorganic. It must, however, be solid. They can also use their abilities to grow extra limbs. They have no apparent size limit, as they are been seen to assume the form of a common housefly[29], and shapes many times larger than their normal selves. Skrulls can also use their shape-shifting capabilities to change their sex: males can become females and vice versa.[30]
    • Elasticity, Plasticity, Elongation: Their shape-shifting abilities allow them to alter their bodies in much the same way as Mr. Fantastic, so that they can stretch to great lengths, or form other shapes with their bodies, such as balls, parachutes, or anything else.
      • Flight: They are able to fly by shape-shifting a pair of wings onto their back, or turning their arms into wings.[31]
    • Size Alteration: They are also capable of altering their size independently of altering their form, allowing them to grow or shrink while maintaining their current form.
    • Mimicry: Skrulls are cunning spies due to their ability to mimic sounds and voices. This is mainly used in conjunction with the shapes they shift into.


Weapon Formation: Skrulls are able to use their shapeshifting abilities to form weapons with parts of their bodies. For instance, they can shape their arms into blades or clubs including guns. This ability makes them dangerous hand-to-hand combatants.


Shapeshifting Limitations: Skrulls can only take on the appearance of person and none of that person’s characteristics or, in the case of superhumans, their powers.[32] When they imitate an inorganic object, they take on its appearance, but not its properties. The inability to replicate powers does not apply to genetically modified Super-Skrulls.[33]

There is a limit to the size of the object or person a Skrull can imitate. The average Skrull cannot distend his or her mass any more than 1.5 times as large a volume as his or her original volume, nor can he or she contract his or her mass any more than 0.75 a volume as his or her original.[5]

At the moment of death, Skrulls revert to their original form.[34]


Main article: Skrull Culture


Gravity: Earth-like
Atmosphere: Earth-like
Population: 30 billion (prior to Annihilation Wave attack); currently unknown.



Type of Government: Totalitarian monarchy under a single Emperor or Emperess (succession disrupted by destruction of Tarnax IV, death of surviving royal family members, and ensuring civil wars, re-instated with the crowning of the new Emperor, Kl'rt I).
Level of Technology: Superior to Earth; Advanced warp-drive star-ships, robots, cyborg, cybernetic technology, and energy weaponry. Photon Blaster:[citation needed] Standard issue military sidearm.
Cultural Traits: Warrior Race. The entire Skrull economy is built around its military pushing their tendency to instigate wars and campaigns of conquest.[35]


  • The Skrulls are somewhat associated with the Chitauri.


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