Skrull Pantheon

Skrull Pantheon (Earth-616) from Incredible Hercules Vol 1 117 001
Information-silk Official Team Name
Skrull Pantheon[1]
Information-silk Team Aliases
Skrull Gods,[2] Skrull Deities[1]
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Information-silk Current Members
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God Squad, Pantheons of Earth; previously 978 other Pantheons (including Hadith, Blessed-of-Litters, Ceffyad the Righteous of the Idoidea Swarm Collective)
Information-silk Origin
Pantheon assembled from the last Skrull Eternal and of her Deviant Skrull former opponent.
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Zorr'Kiri's death

Around 500 years ago, Zorr'Kiri, Skrull Goddess of Love and possibly part of this Pantheon, was murdered by Gorr the God Butcher, and was missed all those years, until her body was retrieved by Thor.[3]

Zorr'Kiri's body was later retrieved by Thor who inquired on Gorr the God Butcher's return.[3]

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.

Kly'bn, the Eternal Skrull, and Sl'gur't of the Infinite Names were presented as emperor and empress of their Pantheon,[2] but it is unknown if other such as Zorr'Kiri, Skrull Goddess of Love, were part of it.

  • To some Skrulls, Kly'bn and Sl'gur't are the only true Gods.[4]
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