Skrull Avengers

Skrull Avengers (Earth-8096) 001
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Skrull Avengers
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Skrull Mothership
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Sent to infiltrate Wakanda and steal the vibranium
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Skrull Ship
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First appearance


The Skrull Avengers are a team of Skrulls posing as the Avengers. They have the same powers and abilities as the real ones and the Skrull technological versions of the items the Avengers use.

In a Skrull mothership, only five of the Skrull Avengers (composing of Skrull Iron Man, Skrull Thor, Skrull Hulk, Skrull Black Panther,and Skrull Hawkeye were sent by the Skrull Commander to stage a fake rescue to fool Captain America but Cap wasn't fooled that easily and took them down with his bare hands before escaping.

They were sent by Queen Veranke to infiltrate Wakanda to steal a supply of vibranium in their preparation for the invasion. They "crashed" into Wakanda and made up a story of being captured by Skrulls to make Ms. Marvel to believe them and helped them without suspicion.

Then as Ms. Marvel and the Skrull Avengers arrived, they were confronted by Black Panther and his well-prepared Wakandan forces and defenses waiting for them and attacked them. During the battle, Black Panther would have been captured by the Skrull Avengers if not for the arrival of the two real Avengers, Hawkeye and Wasp.

As they fight each other, Ms. Marvel is clueless, couldn't figure out who to trust or not until the fall of Skrull Thor who was shot by a Wakandan tank while trying to blast Black Panther. After being shot, his true form was revealed and the Skrull Avengers were exposed plus with the Skrull Black Panther unmasked.

With no choice, Iron Man (Skrull) had ordered his Skrull Avenger teammates to destroy them all as they charged. Despite their similar powers, the Skrull Avengers were defeated with Iron Man (Skrull) the last one to fall.

After the battle, their unconscious bodies were piled up.


Equipment: Skrull versions of the Avengers' equipment
Transportation: Skrull shuttle
Weapons: Skrull versions of the Avengers' weapons

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