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Skeleton Crew
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Team formed by the Red Skull
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The Skeleton Crew was set up as an organization by the Red Skull. The roster of the team initially included the leader Crossbones, Mother Night, Machinesmith, the Voice, and the fourth Sleeper Robot.[1] These member have each repeatedly come into conflict with Captain America, and the Avengers. Mother Night's brother, Minister Blood, assisted the Skeleton Crew on their mission against the Avengers.[2]

Crossbones was kicked out of the team for questioning one of the Red Skull's commands, prompting a membership drive. Mangler, Deathstroke, and Cutthroat fought for the position at Mother Night's direction, leaving only the latter still alive to join.[3] Later, Blackwing, and Jack O'Lantern, joined the crew.[4] The Skeleton Crew was eventually defeated by Captain America with the help of Diamondback, they were stopped and each sent to prison.[5]

Skeleton Crew

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