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At some point, Odin imprisoned Skagg into a circle of fire.[1]

When Odin, displeased with Thor's love for the mortal Jane Foster, left Asgard to confront Thor, Loki was left in charge. Loki released the Storm Giant Skagg from his imprisonment within a circle of fire, and the fire demon Surtur from his captivity beneath the earth. Loki hoped that they would slay Odin, leaving him the ruler of Asgard. But Odin was able to drain the power from Skagg with his magic sword, and returned him to his prison in the circle of fire.[1]


Immense size and strength.[1]

He was able to funnel water through his club to create water spouts and storm.[1]

He was also powerful enough to withstand lightning attacks by Thor.[1]

Strength level



Carried a large club through which he could channel water to create a water spout.[1]

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