Skagerackrakor was the Dragon Lord of the Dragon Riders, who originate from the extradimensional world of Rammatpolen. The Dragon Riders use dragons as mounts in their journeys through time and space.

When his sanity began to slip, Skagerackrakor began drugging his dragon in order to prevent it from breaking off their symbiosis. Then seeking to invade the Earth, he framed youthful Ral Dornof murdering the current generation of Dragons, part of a larger scheme to send dragons to invade Earth. He then sent the Dragon Riders after Dorn after he fled to Earth and bring him to justice. After a number of failed attempts to kill Ral, their conflict attracted the attention of the Fantastic Four. The FF agreed to help Ral located and partner with the android Dragon Man. This led to another conflict that ended with Ral escaping with Dragon Man and the Invisible Girl.

Agreeing to work with the Fantastic Four to prove Ral's innocence, the Dragon Riders helped return Ral, Dragon Man and Sue toRammatpolen to face the charges against him. There he faced Skagerackrakor in trail by combat. Skagerackrakor tried to cheat by using a secret grenade, but ended up blowing up his own Dragonstaff. Ral won the fight and Skagerackrakor confessed to poisoning the dragons. He also confessed that he had unleashed all of Rammatpolen's dragons on Earth in order to destroy it. Ral Dorn, the Fantastic Four, and the all Dragon Rider succeeded in rounding up the dragons and bringing them back to Rammatpolen. Dorn was made the new Dragon Lord. [1]

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