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Skadi (Earth-616)
Information-silkReal Name Skadi
Information-silkAliasesSkade (alternate spelling of name), Mistress of the Mountain Lodges, Frost Giantess
Information-silkRelativesThiazzi (father, deceased), Saga (mother), Idi, Gymir (uncles), Angerboda (aunt), Njord (husband), Nertha (sister-in-law), Beli, Gerd (cousins), Frey (step-son), Freya (step-daughter), Olvadi (grandfather, deceased), Ymir (ancestor)
Information-silkAffiliationFrost Giants of Jotunheim
Information-silkBase Of OperationsThrymheim within Jotunheim
Information-silkIdentitySecret Identity
Information-silkCitizenshipFrost Giants
Information-silkMarital StatusMarried
Information-silkOccupationMountain-Goddess, Goddess of winter, skiers and hunters
Information-silkOriginFrost Giant
Information-silkPlace of BirthJotunheim
Information-silkCreatorsJohn Francis Moore, Rob Haynes, Casey Jones
First Appearance
X-Force and Cable Annual 1997

(Norse-Germanic Myth)- Skadi is the daughter of Thiassi, Ruler of the Storm Giants of Jotunheim, and descendant of Olvadi, who was considered the richest of all the storm giants. Olvadi had such a vast amount of gold that it could not be weighed and after his death, it was split evenly through his sons. Her father, Thiazzi, however, conspired with Loki to abduct the goddess Idunn from Asgard along with her golden apples of immortality. Loki was sent to bring Idunn back, but as Thiazzi came to retrieve Idunn, the gods erected a great fire and destroyed him.

Skadi inherited her father’s share of her grandfather’s fortune, and as the Asgardians offered her gold as retribution of her father’s death, she turned them down saying that she preferred to have a husband from among the gods instead. Odin bestowed her wish, but on the merits that she choose her husband from behind a curtain and the look of his feet and not his whole appearance. Skadi agreed to this decision and chose from among them the most beautiful feet she had seen believing them to be the god Balder, but whom she actually chose was the sea-god Njord, father of Frey and Freia. Disappointed as she was, Skadi stood by her decision and asked the gods to make her laugh to lift her spirits. Loki then appeared again with Thor’s goats, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder and created such antics until all the gods laughed.

Njord and Skadi’s marriage, however, didn’t last very long. He took her to Noatun, his home on the seashore, but she did not care much for the sunshine and sea or the sounds of the tides and gulls. She took her to her home in Thrymheim, but Njord grew depressed and cold surrounded by the howling wolves, the rushing wind or terrible cold. They ended up splitting their time between both homes.

During a random trek through her home, Skadi encountered the winged-horse Aragorn nursing wounds he had received from Makekith’s demon dogs and took him under her protection.[1]

Sunspot, Danielle Moonstar and Meltdown of X-force came across Skadi as she was tending to Aragorn’s injuries. She reacted with surprise to their powers since she had never encountered either humans or mutants before. She surrendered Aragorn to them to head to Valhalla to seek the conditions of the Valkyrie imprisoned by Hela and Malekith the Accursed.


Skadi possesses the conventional attributes of a female Jotun (giantess) native of Jotunheim. She possesses superhuman strength (possibly Class 50 or above), longevity and resistance to harm. She is also an exceptional hunter with a bow and arrow.

  • Skadi supposedly died during the Ragnarok in Thor II#85.


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