When the shuttle that brought the Hulk to Earth exploded, the Hulk saved his wife Caiera by tossing her out of the explosions range. Doing this however resulted in the Hulk's death. The Warbound regrouped together with Caiera and Miek was driven mad with grief upon learning of the Hulk's death and leaped into a pool of lava trying to find the Hulk. This led to Miek's death and his betrayal never coming to light. Caiera and the Warbound traveled to Earth in ordet to punish the humans whom they blamed for the destruction of Sakaar. They managed to defeat all the heroes that opposed them and killed those responsible for exiling the Hulk. Caiera enslaves the heroes and forces them to construct a massive stone statue of the Hulk.

With his mother surviving the shuttle crash, Skaar was raised by her and alerted her to the completion of the statue. She then took her stone form and merged with it, joining her husband for the last time.

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