A thousand or more years ago, there was a city that was home to the Ska'ar who corrupted and manipulated humanity, feeding on that same corruption. Forces gathered to imprison them in a pocked dimension, with the Talisman's powers being the force that held the Ska'ar city in check. The Ska'ar realized that they would soon die with no new blood entering their city so they ate the human residents and went into hibernation until their release by the second Omega Flight's Brain Drain from Talisman's mind. The Master intended to use the Ska'ar to create a psychic disturbance which would stop the earth from being taken over by the Magus during the Infinity War. The Ska'ar attacked Toronto but, after a battle with both the Master and Omega Flight, Beta Flight forced the Ska'ar back to their prison dimension.

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Limited mystical abilities, including the ability to drive normal humans insane.


None known.

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