Soeur Anne was a teacher at Madame Dupont's School for Girls, a Catholic boarding school in Laval, Quebec. When a young Jeanne-Marie recounted her first experience of flying using her mutant powers, Soeur Anne interpreted her description of the act as blasphemy and severely punished her. When Beaubier later disappeared and returned (with no memory of her actions while her Aurora personality was dominant during this time), Soeur Anne again severely punished her. This trauma lead Beaubier to repress both her Aurora personality and mutant powers for years to come.[1]

Years later, Beaubier applied to be a teacher at Madame Dupont's and Soeur Anne accepted her given her good behaviour since the prior incidents.[1] Soeur Anne maintained a harsh tone with Beaubier but was pleasantly charmed with the visit of her long-lost twin brother, Jean-Paul.[2]



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