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Siri was a Skrull agent that took the form of Elektra Natchios in order to spy on Earth and was later sent by Queen Veranke to replace the real Elektra.[1]

Siri (Earth-616)

Reverting into a Skrull

Siri, however, was killed in the attempt.

Afterwards, Elektra killed two other Skrulls sent to kill her, only to be defeated and replaced by Pagon[2]


Super Skrull Engineering


  • Twin Sais

Siri was considered to be the Elektra imposter until Mighty Avengers #16, which shows the real Elektra killing an imposter wearing a black costume as well as two other Skrull agents - disguised as Daredevil and Wolverine, respectively - only to be defeated by a fourth Skrull, Pagon.

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