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The nephew of the original Black Knight, Sir Raston was the second Black Knight, born into the dark ages of the 7th century. Raston had to fend for himself until the ghost of Sir Percy led him to the Ebony Blade. Raston feared that Merlin would see him as an unworthy successor to the role of the Black Knight, and would take the Ebony Blade from him. When he met the current Black Knight, however, he dismissed Sir Percy as a fop and a fool.

Sir Raston was defeated in combat by Kang the Conqueror and made to join his Anachronauts, a group of warriors who traveled through time, serving Kang.

Sir Raston was killed by the forces of Immortus while defending Kang's capital of Chronopolis.[1]




Sir Raston was a fine swordsman.


Medieval Armor


Ebony Blade

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