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Official Name
Singularity Investigations
Organization Aliases


Organization Identity


Base Of Operations
Singularity Investigations Building, New York City, New York State; London;[1] Paris;[1] Stockholm[1]

Organization Leader(s)

Jack Vaughn, The Isolationist (Claimed sponsor)

First appearance
Last appearance


Singularity Investigations, know as SI for short, is a company owned and operated by Damian Tryp. SI is a kind of a security outfit for the rich and famous,[2] but also provides a number of different services legal representation[3] and bioengineering.[4]

After M-Day, Singularity Investigations began to come into direct competition with Madrox's X-Factor Investigations.[2] Ancient Tryp claimed that he and SI were trying to prevent a possible future where mutants have become drunken with power and destroy civilization.[5] To prevent this grim future, SI hired Dr. Henry Buchanan to create a modified version of the Legacy Virus to target former mutants.[4] When X-Factor found out they infiltrated the SI headquarters, and one of Madrox's dupes blew up the SI building ending Singularity and killing Tryp Junior and Senior.[5]


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