Early Life

Whenever one of the Fire Giant Surtur's children turned three years old, they were given a test in which they would be starved for thirteen days and then be taken before their father in the Inferno Hall, where they would have to choose between a mound of food or a cauldron full of flames and screaming souls. Unlike her siblings, Sindr chose the flames, being the first in a thousand sires to do so. This would eventually earn her the Burning Throne after the assassination of her father by the hands of the Odinson, making of her the Queen of Cinders.[1]

War of the Realms

After Muspelheim soldiers bombed the Light Elf refugee camps in Nidavellir, killing hundreds and setting the realm aflame as she vowed to do when she joined Malekith's Dark Council, Sindr and her subjects were attacked by the War Thor (a traumatized Volstagg wielding the Mjolnir from a dead universe), who was bent on avenging the deaths caused by them. Their battle was interrupted when Thor appeared and took the War Thor to the Yawning Void, where he could do no more harm.[1]

As the War of the Thors ended, Sindr had her troops invade Niffleheim and Hel, kingdom of Balder Odinson, the Brave.[3]

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