Dr. Simon Strange was once a veterinarian, but later became Mallard of the Mystic Arts, training under the Ancient Wino. After years of "communing with the spirits" (meaning drinking wine and spirits), he ended up homeless.

A former ally of Gander, Capoultry wished to follow Howard's word and helped them escape. To help them return to Earth, Capoultry brought them to Duktor Strange, who was a drunk living in an alley. Before Strange could do anything, Gander, MacDrake, and their allies showed up and attempted to gun down Howard, Bev, Capoultry, and Strange. Bev kicked a trash can into their attackers, after which they overpowered them one by one. Strange cast a spell sending them back to Earth, and while Gander saw this as a chance to revive the WACkies, Capoultry vowed to write a new book, telling the true story of Howard, which would foil Gander's plans.[1]

Though he wasn't sure who created his All-Seeing Eye, he was able to cast a spell to shift the Nexus of All Realities and send individuals from Duckworld to Earth-616. He helped Stu Cicero, though he had to be reminded that he had used this ability before.[2]


He has the power to use magic

Strength level

Normal avian strength

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