The Eye was a killer for hire who in 1946 was hired by John Harriman after the Human Torch and Toro refused to marry his niece Betty and escaped with the girl, frustrating his attempts to default her entitlement to her family's fortune before she turned 21.

The Eye broke into the Torch's home and set up a chess game with drugged chess pieces. When the two heroes returned home with Betty, the Eye challenged the Torch to a chess match: The winner gets to decide Betty's fate. However, the Torch and Toro were drugged and all three were taken prisoner. The Eye then trapped the Torch and Toro in an asbestos lined cage and forced them to perform flame tricks at risk of being shot to death, while he and Jim forced Betty to marry the Eye. The Torch and Toro however broke free from their prison and stopped the ceremony before a drunken ship captain could officiate the marriage. The Eye, John Harriman and their minions were then all turned over to the police.

The Eye's subsequent fate is unknown.


The Eye had access to knock out drugs, firearms, and had a dungeon fully decked out with various instruments of torture and imprisonment.

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