Professor Simon Crane is one of the first human beings to invent a rocket capable of travel into space. Upon the completion of his rocket, Crane, his daughter Betty and Professor Philo Zog would use it to travel to the Moon. There, they would have Zog's robot Electro explore the Moons surface.

When Electro would be captured by the alien named Gnorr, Crane and his fellow space travelers would destroy the aliens fortress with grenades and recover the captured robot.

Simon Crane's further activities are unknown, for whatever reasons he had decided not to make his rocket technology become public knowledge and has apparently faded off into obscurity.


Simon Crane was a brilliant scientist for his time. He was able to invent a rocket ship that was capable of travelling to the Moon and back within a couple of hours.


Simon Crane had a rocket ship that could travel to the Moon within a few hours. It had a tank like vehicle inside that allow for fast travel on the moons surface and space suits that allowed people to live in the vacuum of space.


Simon invented grenades that were fully functional in the vacuum of space.

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