Silvermane was a rival mob boss to Tombstone and Doctor Octopus. It was revealed that Silvermane was arrested and jailed twelve years beforehand after Frederick Foswell exposed his criminal activities. His empire fell, and his territory was taken over by Tombstone/Big Man. Silver Sable, his daughter in this continuity, had been running the remnants of his empire in his absence.[1]

When Hammerhead instigated a fight a summit held between Silvermane, Tombstone, and Doctor Octopus by drugging Silver Sable, Silvermane used a hidden hydraulic exoskeleton, which provides him with super strength and energy blasts, to fight with. When Spider-Man interfered, Silvermane attempts to crush him, only for the webslinger to rip out his suit's hydraulic cables, leaving him helpless. He was taken into custody.[2]

Silvermane was seen as an inmate of the Vault who was among the prisoners released by the Green Goblin. He rounded up the Enforcers, a robot duplicate of Mysterio, and other prisoners to take down Spider-Man. He and the other inmates were knocked out by gas released by Walter Hardy.[3]


Seemingly those of Silvermane of Earth-616.

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