Silvia Lopez was a scientist who was "owned" by the Kingpin. She was introduced to Dr. Johnathon Ohnn as his new lab assistant for his inter-dimensional project. Their experiments were a success, but Johnathon was accidentally sucked into a portal, and became a magnet to the portals which attached to him. Calling himself the Spot, he planned to set up his own lab for him and Silvia, with whom he had fallen in love. He also planned to take down the Kingpin, but Fisk had already taken Silvia hostage. Ohnn then teamed up with Spider-Man to save her, but everyone became distracted by the portal which had previously been left open by Ohnn, which had widened and threatened to engulf the entire world. Kingpin put aside his differences and provided Ohnn with a plane so that he could close it, and Johnathon sacrificed himself to do so, along with Silvia who went with him so that they could be together.

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