Quote1 Don't be silly Logan! Nothing's forever. Everything has it's time... And our time is now! Quote2
-- Silver Fox src

A member of the Blackfoot Native American tribe, Silver Fox grew up in the Canadian Rockies near the town of Mount Logan. Wolverine was accepted into staying with the tribe. Having being widowed the previous winter, Silver Fox and Wolverine began a relationship. They had a dog together named Old Blue, who contracted rabies in the woods. When Logan couldn't bring himself to kill Blue, Silver Fox took the rifle from him and shot the dog herself.[2]

Sabretooth savagely attacked Silver Fox at the cabin one evening, killing her. A distraught Logan carried her back to town, where Sabretooth mockingly took credit for the deed. Logan tried to kill Sabretooth in revenge, but ultimately failed. Sabretooth and Romulus then brainwashed Logan into believing the townspeople of Mount Logan were responsible for Silver Fox's death and sent him to slaughter them all.[3][4]

Silver Fox (or someone impersonating her) resurfaced under uncertain circumstances. In modern times, she had become a high-ranking member of Hydra. This Silver Fox was harsh and cold, blaming Logan for some unclear slight. She was also a former subject of the Weapon X Program, experiencing false and altered memory implants. She reunited with Wolverine and Sabretooth, and each had different memories of the cabin. Logan and Creed remembered Silver Fox dying at Creed's hands, but Fox remembered her prom night in the 1950's, where her date Logan was beaten up in the parking lot for bringing an "Indian" to the dance, and rejected her afterwards.

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Silver Fox

What's more, the Weapon X test subjects began recalling conflicting evidence of Silver Fox being a member of their Team X unit with the CIA, roughly 50 years after Mount Logan. One memory implant had Silver Fox as "Zora del Plata" betray the team on a mission in Cuba. Wolverine remembered Silver Fox as a member of a terrorist group of domestic radicals from a raid on an apartment in Canada. Silver Fox remembered the same apartment as being her home in San Francisco. (Weapon X's Professor was present for this recollection, and remarked that the Program occasionally reused sets for the memory implants to save money.)[5]

As a Hydra section leader, Silver Fox monitored Wolverine’s quest for answers about the Weapon X Program and killed 'the Professor' to prevent his interference.[6]

She also allied herself with Matsu'o Tsurayaba and the Hand. She hired the Japanese assassin Reiko to poison Mariko Yashida.[7]

When former Team X member Mastodon rapidly aged and died, Silver Fox gathered Wolverine and the other remaining Team X alumni to seek answers. Their search led them to Psi-Borg, who had crafted Team X's memory implants decades ago. However, Silver Fox was slain by Sabretooth as he too was searching for Ferro.[8]

Wolverine buried her near the cabin they had lived together. While doing so he found a tree carving that they had made.[9]

After the events of House of M, Logan finally regained the memories of his true past.[10]

It was revealed that Logan remembers the death of Silver Fox at the hands of Sabretooth, so these memories were not an altered implant by Weapon X.[4] This apparent retcon did not acknowledge the apparences of Silver Fox in the Shiva Scenario Saga, implying that the Silver Fox who appeared here was simply a clone or an impersonator employed by Weapon X.


Silverfox possessed retractable claws. It was unknown if she had enhanced senses. Silver Fox was given an age suppression factor by the Weapon X Project. She also apparently had or was given a healing factor, but not to the degree of Wolverine or Sabretooth.


Skilled in the use of firearms.



  • Silver Fox's history is a jumbled mess due to the "memory implants" era of Wolverine. Originally, she was depicted in Wolverine Vol 2 #10 as merely an old girlfriend of Logan's who was killed by Sabretooth.
  • She returned during the Weapon X Saga running from Wolverine Vol 2 #48-64. The "truth" was supposedly revealed that Silver Fox had never died, but somehow became a secret agent with the CIA before being turned into one of the Weapon X test subjects, and Logan and Creed had merely been programmed with memory implants to believe she was dead. It's important to note, however, that Silver Fox never appeared with Team X in any actual flashbacks, photos, or objective records -- only in the notoriously unreliable memories of the Team X members.
  • Finally, after Wolverine regained his full memories in House of M, it was established in Wolverine: Origins #5 that Creed DID in fact kill Silver Fox back at the Mount Logan cabin. This retcon did not acknowledge the appearances of Silver Fox in the modern era. She may have been a body double with false memory implants created by the Weapon X Program for some reason, or some other explanation entirely.

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