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When the world devourer Gah Lak Tus approached earth, he sent ahead heralds, remote weapons designed to subjugate as much of the target world's populace as they can so that Gah Lak Tus would have to waste as little energy as possible dealing with planetary defense systems. These probes took the form of a silver-skinned humanoid, often winged or riding a silver board; the similarity in appearance to Norrin Radd.

The Silver Wings are launched as ellipsoid missiles, changing to humanoid shape as they approach their target. Their form can be fluid, for example changing to extrude wings, a board to stand on, or to grow shark-like teeth in their mouth. They can fly unaided through the vacuum of space at sub-light speed, have superhuman strength and are exceptionally durable. They can generate electrical blasts, but are themselves vulnerable to being overloaded. A force field protects them from smaller impacts, such as bullets. [1]

As Gah Lak Tus neared earth, sightings of the Silver Wings erupted around the planet.

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