Silver Sable's father established the Wild Pack to hunt German war criminals. After he was apparently killed, Silver Sable took control of the group and carried on in her father's legacy. She and the Wild Pack also did mercenary work for extra cash.

Rheinholt Kragov hired Silver Sable to kidnap Wolfgang Groitzig, as part of a plot to free his father, the Red Skull, from a vortex. Sable and the Wild Pack secretly planned to ambush the Germans, but before they could Kragov was attacked by the Insidious Six. Kragov escaped, while the six fled with what they needed, leaving the Wild Pack to perish in an exploding complex. However, they were saved by Spider-Man.

When Kragov released the Red Skull from the vortex, Sable and the Wild Pack appeared to stop them. After freeing the captive Six American Warriors and Spider-Man, Sable left at their suggestion, leaving them to face the Red Skull alone.


Seemingly those of the Silver Sable of Earth-616.





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