The Silent Stalker was created by Doctor Doom as a part of his robot arsenal. Stalker's goal was to locate and obliterate specific individuals;[1] to do so, the robot was to be provided with a photograph of the victim.[1][2] It could be programmed to kill or to capture.[1]

As far as we know, Doctor Doom created only one operative Silent Stalker.[1] He sent it to find and destroy Donald Blake; however, when Blake became Thor, the robot was unable to follow him.[2]

It is currently presumed that the Stalker is stored in Doomstadt.[1]


  • Improved Senses: Although the robot's sensors are really poor, it has improved senses to find its prey.[1]
  • Super Speed: The robot is fast by wheeling through the land, going from zero to top speed in only a few seconds, and turning at top speed.[1]

Strength level

This robot had the strength of a weak human, depending mainly on its weapons to fight.[1]


A human operator must manually prepare the robot before its use.[2]


  • Night vision due to infrared lenses.[1]
  • Armor due to its robotic construction.[1]


  • Own wheels on each leg.[1]


  • Six energy blasters throughout its trunk, that can be softened to "stun". The Stalker can spin like a top and shoot all the six blasters at once against the same target.[1]

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