Life and death

Sigmund Freud was a psychologist, pioneer of psychoanalysis, from Austria.[1] He became the Saint of Therapists.[2]

His body's ashes remained in a crematorium outside London.[2]

Legacy and tributes

His work was perverted by Johann Fennhoff, as criminal psychiatrist Doctor Faustus.[1]

The Mad Thinker commemorated him alongside mankind's greatest minds as one of his Intellectual Robots.[1]

Deuteronomy Project

He monitored from away the Deuteronomy Project of the Religion as Replacement for Thought Coalition.[2]

Freud was eventually brought back to life by the Angel Thrasher (whom he destroyed the brains using his magical cigar) on the orders of the angel Gabriel, in order to defeat Deuteronomy who had possessed the TV Host Iprah. After distracting weakening her with his psychological arguments he was blasted and killed once again, leaving behind his cigar for Howard the Duck to defeat her.[2]


Cigar that could fire energy beams.[2]

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