Doctor Sigmund Adler was a criminal psychologist who was active during the 1940s. In 1940 he was asked to do a speech for the Lee School by teachers Jeff Mace and Betsy Ross (secretly Captain America and Golden Girl) when he witnessed a robbery.

Captain America and Golden Girl captured the robber who was revealed to be one John Dolan, whose face became more deformed as a psychological effect of committing crimes. Adler agreed to treat the man and using a technique of hypnosis he developed, transported his mind and those of Captain America and Golden Girl into John's brain in order to discover the cause of his mental problems. Although the trio were impeded by John's evil self, they learned the John's psychosis was caused by two defining events: The feelings of abandonment when John's mother gave birth to John's younger brother, and John's first crime -- stealing his mothers priceless broach and getting caught with it. Having discovered this, Adler cured John, and returned their minds to their proper bodies before John turned himself in to pay his debt to society.[1]

Adler's subsequent activities are unknown.


Adler claims that he has mastered a form of hypnosis that he can "actually transplant myself and other people into [his] patient's minds and literally walk through [the] subconscious ad examine [the] brain". The exact practice of these abilities and their limitations are unknown.

While Dr. Adler claims that his abilities are hypnotic in nature, if taken on a literal level they defy the limitations of hypnosis, as it generally does not allow minds to be transplanted from one body to the other. Given that Adler was able to "implant" his mind and those of Captain America and Golden Girl into the mind of John Dolan and the almost literal interpretations of the human mind they encountered there, it seems more likely that Adler was some kind of telepath and that they were all interacting in the astral plane. If true, one could speculate that either Adler was unaware of this ability (hence calling it "hypnosis") or was merely creating a cover story to disguise his true nature.

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