Quote1 This... thing, Electro, is the Siege Perilous. A mystical key allowing us to enter world parallel to our own. Quote2
-- The Goblin src


Originally given to the X-Men by Roma for defeating the Adversary, the intent was to allow the X-Men to start over with new lives if they became overwhelmed by being heroes.

The X-Men had forced the Reavers through the portal after defeating them and taking their Australian Outback base for their own.

Dazzler toyed with the Siege Perilous, and it showed her visions of alternate futures for her, all of which ended in pre-mature death.

The first X-Man to actually use the Siege Perilous did so unintentionally. After Master Mold emerged in New York City, the X-Men deployed the Siege Perilous when it became apparent there was no way to destroy the Master Mold brain chip, and it could reconstruct itself rapidly with the readily available metal in Manhattan. While trying to push Master Mold through the portal, Rogue got grappled by the sentinel, who only went through the portal after Nimrod (with whom Master Mold had merged) convinced it that it was now a mutant, and needed to fulfill its prime directive - causing a blast which sent Rogue, Master Mold, and Nimrod through the portal.

Psylocke, Colossus, Dazzler, and Havok would all use the Siege Perilous after saving Polaris from Zaladane. Leaving one of the High Evolutionary's towers in the Antarctic, Psylocke was warning the X-Men that to return to the Outback was certain death when Gateway teleported them back without warning. Psylocke telepathically 'persuaded' the other X-Men to step through the portal rather than face certain death (although none of the X-Men had any hint that the Reavers were back and waiting for them).

The last appearance of the item was in Wolverine's Fever Dream, where he 'saw' the X-Men forced through the portal by Psylocke. Subsequently, when Wolverine wakes from his dream to be tortured by Donald Pierce and his Reavers, Pierce smashes the item to dust in his cybernetic hand.

Rogue's new life was in the Savage Land, where she teamed up with Magneto against Zaladane.[1] Psylocke emerged in the orient, where the Hand got its hands on her and switched her body with Kwannon.[2] Colossus would become an artist, and ultimately a pawn of the Shadow King before Professor X restored his memories. Dazzler would become a movie star. Havok would become a Genoshan Magistrate.[3]

Siege Courageous

During the Pax Utopia, the Phoenix Five used a device called the Siege Courageous to teleport around the world.[4][5] The exact relation between those Sieges is unknown.

Hellfire Academy's Siege

It was found by the man who would become the Philistine with one of his university colleague, but killed him to keep the Siege for him,[6] who was transformed by it, and defined himself as his agent.[7]

He somehow associated with Kade Kilgore's Hellfire Academy a few months earlier. There, it was used to put students in detention and enhanced them. Snot was submitted to the Siege,[7] as well as Quentin Quire but the latter was rejected by it.[6]


  • Creates a portal which grants any person who walks through it a new chance at life, with a new career, home, and so forth. Sometimes people walking through it forget their old life, sometimes they remembered.
  • List of characters went through the Siege Perilous.

Somehow, Quentin Quire was rejected by the Siege's powers.[6]

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