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Siege: Captain America Vol 1 1


Siege: Captain America Vol 1 1

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Quote1 You're up against Captain America... and Captain America! Quote2
-- Captain America (James Barnes)

Appearing in "Bear Any Burden"Edit

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Synopsis for "Bear Any Burden"Edit

A family in Broxton, Oklahoma are discussing the recent H.A.M.M.E.R. assault on Asgard. The mother (Susie) and father (Jimmy) decide to go out to view the battle from a distance, despite protests from their eldest daughter Madison, who fears that it isn't safe. Nonetheless, Madison and her kid sister Kim hitch a ride in their parents car, before they are witness to the fall of Asgard, causing a shockwave of dust to engulf them.

Emerging from the rubble is Steve Rogers, calling out for Bucky. He manages to save him from nearly being shot by Crossfire, through his shield at him. As they discuss the recent occurrences, such as the Hood's gang being magically empowered and the Air Force firing on H.A.M.M.E.R., Jimmy comes running up to them, pleading for them to help find his family. After searching long and hard, they find an unconscious Susie. Unfortunately, Razorfist has the girls, holding them hostage. As the Captain Americas try coming up with a plan, Madison tries getting free, only for Razorfist to slit her. A brawl then starts, with Bucky racing to combat the villain, while Rogers attends to Madison. Razorfist is able to knock his pistol out of his hand and stabbed his bionic one. Pushing back, Bucky throws Razorfist against a slab of rock, which begins to fall and nearbly crush Kim, had not Bucky and her mother pull her out of the way. Bucky then resumes his fight with Rogers and together, they are able to disarm Razorfist and defeat him. While the family races Madison to the hospital, the Captain Americas rush to help their friends.

  • Takes place during and after the events of Siege #3.

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • CLASSIFIED!!!!! One-Shot/$2.99 *Note: NOT FINAL TITLE

  • No trivia.

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