The origins of the Brain are unknown, his namesake comes from the fact that he has a massive head. By 1947 he was a leader of his own gang and a regular accomplice of another criminal known only as the Knife.

In the summer of that year he and his gang plotted to steal a shipment of Ambergris that was being brought into the United States aboard a ship piloted by Captain Cole. Their intent was to sell the stolen merchandise to perfume manufacturers and make a massive profit. After plotting their caper, the Brain and his men went to their secondary hideout located on Taboo Island to meet up with the knife.

They arrived just as the Sub-Mariner and Namora had finished subduing the Knife after stumbling upon him on the island. The Brain took Namora hostage at gun point and forced Namor to stand down. They then tied up the two heroes and were about to kill them when one of the Brain's men informed them that Cole's ship was approaching. The Brian and the Knife were forced to deal with the heroes later while they left to steal the Ambergris.

However, Namor and Namora managed to break free of their bonds and track the Brain and his men to Captain Cole's ship where they quickly subdued them and turned them over to the authorities. [1]

The subsequent fate of the Brain is unknown.


The Brain carried a pistol.

Real name revealed in the Marvel Mystery Handbook: 70th Anniversary Special #1 (2009)

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