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Sid Crumb was a poor boy in his early life which he was beaten on by bullies and had to deal with a drunk father at home. In his later years he was married and spent most of his time drinking, at one point his wife Mavis had left him. then one day he heard a strange noise which lead him to the Fury defeated by Captain Britain which it had sent a dart attack accurately killing one of his neighbors to regenerate. As he ran it sent a dart attack at him only hitting him in the arm in which the narrator says "such good fortune could never be Sid's", the dart was laced with a poison that slowly mutated him.[1]

He was slightly aware of the transformation thinking he was sick but wasn't completely. Later he was in the rain as the mutation slowly took over, he then went over to some kids cutting school in hopes of finding help but he had a flashback about the bullies and blindly dissolved them. As he continues the mutation causes him to grow while his body seems to already be dead, as he moves onward the mutation causes his fingers change, one becomes a tentacle, two stay the same, one is a big mound of rotting flesh, and one is a normal human arm. while this changes he loses his clothes and his mouth.

Sid's story 2

Soon he has a flashback about his drunken father and Mavis thinking "You've could've stayed!" while he decides to "show her" he goes to a pharmacy to get tablets, but then realizes his mouth is gone and he thinks loudly "WHERE"S MY MOUTH?!" while he does this he picks up two people dissolving them to look for his mouth and Captain Britain comes and fights him. While Sid recognizes him he flashes back to the Fury that had caused the accident and hits Captain Britain thinking nobody cared for him, as Captain Britain hits him it starts to hurt him until he screams in his mind "PLEASE STOP HURTING ME!!" and Captain Britain feels it as he slowly dissolves away. [1]

Though the Earth-616 Sidney was introduced in Daredevils #4, his Earth-238 (Crooked World) counterpart previously appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes (UK) #377.

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