When a plague turned the world's population into cannibals, Shuri helped the heroes hold back the infected from Wakanda. After Wakanda fell to the cannibals, Shuri moved a group of refugees to New Jersey, where they set up camp. T'Challa lost contact with her after an E.M.P. blast knocked out the power in New York City. Though he did not know her exact location, he knew she had a Quinjet and it would be helpful in moving the other scientists to safety.[1]

They eventually lost all contact with Shuri, leaving her fate unknown to everyone.[2] She was last seen killing Batroc the Leaper with the Punisher lurking in the shadows.[3]


Seemingly those of Shuri (Earth 616).


Due to her exposure to Survivor 118, Shuri is capable of adapting to extreme changes in her environment.

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