The Shuffler was a gambler who lived in the town of Red Dog, Texas during the days of the Golden Egg Gambling Palace. His operation was run out of the Frontier Saloon along with his partners Ace and Dawson. Eventually, the Shuffler and Dawson sought to cut Ace out of their enterprise and plotted to kill him. The opportunity came to them one night when Ace humiliated local drunk Jem Hartley and threw him out of the Frontier Saloon, this altercation ending with Jem threatening to kill Ace. The Shuffler then had Dawson sneak up behind Ace one night and shoot him dead. When Ace's body was discovered, the murder was investigated by sheriff Blaze Carson. Both the Shuffler and Dawson blamed Jem of murdering their partner, recalling the threat from the night before. However, Dawson let slip that Ace was shot with a .44 rounds.

As Blaze investigated the evidence was looking to stack up against Jem Hartley who surrendered to the law. Meanwhile, the Shuffler and Dawson were working up the locals into a lynch mob in the hopes of getting Jem killed by a mob so they can avoid implication in the murder. However, Blaze kept Jem safe until they got into the sheriffs office. There they were informed by the doctor that the autopsy on Ace was completed and that the bullets that killed him fire clean through his body and were smashed flat, eliminating any sort of way to identify the calibre of the bullets. Remembering that Dawson had told him that they were .44 rounds, Blaze correctly deduced who the real killers were.

By this point, the, Shuffler was leading a lynch mob to the sheriffs office. The mob stood down when Blaze and the Doc appeared with guns. Jem then accused Dawson of killing Ace and framing him. When Dawson denied the allegations, Jem became enraged and began beating on Dawson who surrendered and confessed to the crime. Dawson and the Shuffler were then arrested and locked in jail.[1]

The Shuffler's subsequent fate is unknown.


The Shuffler was a professional gambler.

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