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Student in the University of Chicago

Born in Genosha, Shola was smuggled out as a child as a foreign exchange student. After he grew older, he attended the University of Chicago. When Cassandra Nova had Giant-Sentinels destroyed Genosha, Shola lost his entire family, who had been living on the island during the time. He was left utterly alone, not only because of the loss of his family and home, but also with the revocation of his student visa when the United Nations declared Genosha a terrorist state due to the activities of Magneto.[1]

To add insult to injury, Shola had been in contact with a telepath on Genosha the moment that the island was destroyed leaving him with a mental imprint of the "death-moment" of everyone who died on Genosha during the horrific attack. Every time he closed his eyes and goes into an active rapid eye movement state, he experiences another first-hand death from that terrible day. As a result he couldn't sleep and hadn't slept since.[1]

After the attack Shola briefly remained at the University of Chicago, where he met Kitty Pryde and Xi'an Coy Manh, after had help them after an incident in the physics department caused by the anti-mutants hate group Purity, using his powers.[2] After this episode, his flat was targeted by Purity's members.[3]

Befriending with the two former X-Men and also with Tom More, a Purity member he saved from the precedent incident and who had come to fight his teammates, the Purity assailants of his apartment, he started hanging out with the three, helping Kitty to restore her flat trashed by the F.B.I. and anti-mutant neighborhood, and subtly threatening Tom from treater[4]

he later helped Kitty and Shan defeat a few Wild Sentinels that had attacked them. Shola was instrumental in their destruction as Karma's telepathic powers were useless on the machines, and as they quickly adapted to Shadowcat's phasing ability.[5]

During the debate opposing Alice Tremaine and Purity to tolerant students about the mutant presence in the university, Shola tried to get violent but was calmed down by Kitty, as a use of powers and a fight would be giving satisfaction to the racists. Just at the moment he left the room with Karma for a walk, the Wild Sentinels invaded the campus.[5]

Helped morally by Karma, Shola managed to destroy all of the Sentinels, saving the students. This fight achieved, Kitty, Tom, Xian and Shola were free to spend some good time at Chicago.[6]

Genoshan Excalibur

In his next appearance he had been captured and placed in stasis by a group of Magistrates which used to dominate the island before Magneto took over. Along with the Prime Sentinels Karima Shapandar it appeared that they were going to be the secret weapons of the Magistrates to take back the island.

However, the airplane that was carrying them crashed and Shola found himself on the side of the ragtag members of the newest incarnation of Excalibur. His abilities were indispensable to Professor X in the demolition and reconstruction of his homeland.


During the Decimation, Shola was one of the many mutants who lost their mutant abilities.[7]

When Quicksilver came to Genosha, offering to restore their powers using the Terrigen Mists, he wasn't interested first, as he feared to have his nightmares back with his mutant gifts. He eventually took the cure, and was indeed forced to stay awake, as his visions were back.[8] He was later taken into medical care with the other refugees by the O*N*E, at the same hospital where Callisto had been sent when him powers overwhelmed her. The effects of the Mists eventually wore off, leaving him powerless once more.[9]

Power Grid [10]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Lower energy projection, strength after being depowered



Shola is a self-described "combat telekinetic" and also has telepathic/empathic abilities.

  • Combat Telekinesis: His telekinetic abilities are mostly destructive in nature, but he has also displayed precise fine motor control, the peak of which was obliterating a granite slab to dust, removing that dust from clothing and the surrounding environment, compacting the dust into a granite spear, then re-obliterating the spear back into dust. His powers were mostly destructive.
  • Telepathy/Empathy: Shola is capable of telepathic/empathic abilities with a worldwide range. Shola is cable of connecting minds with other telepaths and engage in normal telepathic communication as well feel the emotions of others and possibly manipulate them. His ability also allows him to sense the mental state of others. The ability is usually controlled except when strong emotional force is the trigger.
    • It is possible that this ability may had a link with his nightmares, as he stopped having them since M-Day, and was afraid from repowering himself. Once the Terrigenesis was performed, he started having nightmare and not sleeping back.[8]

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