The Shiv was a counterfeiter who was active in the 1940s. He earned his nickname due to his love of knives. By 1945 he and his gang had gotten into counterfeiting ration coupons that were common place during the war. When a FBI agent managed to infiltrate his gang with the help of a stoolie, Shiv soon found out and had both men executed. Their bodies were then placed in bags filled with books and dumped in a nearby alley.

The bags were discovered by the Young Allies while they were on a scrap paper drive. Seeing the boys taking the body bags, Shiv and his gang tried to stop them but were held back by Toro's flame while the Allies escaped. When the Young Allies realized what they had, they then set up a trap for Shiv and his gang. With Bucky and Toro hiding in the sacks, the other Young Allies brought them back to the alley where they were found.

Spotting the kids again, Shiv and his gang captured them and brought them back to their base where they revealed their operation. But, before they could kill the Young Allies, Bucky and Toro revealed themselves and the youths easily rounded up Shiv and his gang and turned them over to the authorities.

Shiv's subsequent fate is unknown.


Shiv carried a knife.

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