The past history of Shiro Yoshida mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In recent history of Earth-9997, when the worlds population began to mutate due to exposure to the Terrigen Mist released into Earth's atmosphere, many of the nations of the world would choose its super-powered champions to lead their countries due to their years of experience. Sunfire would be elected to be the emperor of Japan, however due to food shortages, and various other economic and societal disasters, Sunfire would soon find himself ruling over much of Asia's pacific rim.

Following the death of the Avengers at the hands of the Absorbing Man, the Absorbing Man would be shattered into pieces by the Vision. Following this a number of heroes were chosen to all hold a piece of the Absorbing Man in order to insure that he would never be reassembled again. Sunfire would be trusted with the hands of Creel, these hands would be given to Tao, a member of the Asian super-group Xen who would turn the hands into nunchuku style weapons.

Sunfire would then be assassinated by an enemy and through circumstances that have yet to be revealed. He would be survived by his son who would take up leadership of his fathers nation and continue to lead Xen.


Seemingly those of Shiro Yoshida of Earth-616.

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