Shiela Whittier inherited castle Dunwick from her deceased "uncle" Alestar Duncan. Her boyfriend Freddy was killed when they went to go explore the castle. For two months Alestar's ghost tortured her as she lived at the castle. Dracula befriended Sheila as he hoped to later use her as his hypnotized slave to do his bidding in the daylight.[1] Dracula banished Alestar's ghost who claimed that he was going to sacrifice Sheila to the dark gods and that he was not her uncle but in fact her father. He also claimed Sheila's mother was his murderer after he willed her the castle and that after death he assumed the form of another man and became her lover.[2]

Dracula and Sheila soon became involved in a relationship and she tricked David Eshcol into aiding Dracula.[3] Sheila freed herself of Dracula's influence however and ran away with David Eshcol.[4] She killed herself to escape from Dracula after he struck her and murdered Eshcol.[5] Dracula lamented her death as he had come to love her.

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Alestar Duncan also had a son named Rodney who inherited a castle on a Greek island.

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